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The best free apps

Travel and weather apps

  • Triposo- The app isn’t restricted to just a few major cities - it has information on a wide variety of destinations.
  • Forecast- The online app provides you with the upcoming weather update which is very accurate
  • Google maps-It’s an excellent and accurate app and it’s the perfect alternative to apple maps which still isn’t great

Music and video apps

  • Figure- You can craft your very own drum, bass and lead loops by tapping out the rhythm and dragging your finger across several play pads.
  • Spotify- Instead of filling up all your storage space with music. This app provides you with millions of songs to choose from straight from the app.

All apps can be downloaded from either iphone or ipad

Health apps

  • Hear-Hear is an app that remixes ambient sounds around you, instead of you listening to music.
  • Run keeper- the creators/developers of this app refer to the app as a personal trainer on your phone. It includes many different exercises such as: hikes, bike rides, runs and many more fantastic exercises.

For more information on what are the best free apps out there.
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Iphone 7
The iphone 7 is almost arriving in the UK and the internet has had a lot to say about it with all sorts of rumours been thrown around.

Here are some of the features we believe will be introduced with the iphone 7:

  • Apple is going to release two new iphones in September 2016 iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus.
  • The iphone 7 is probably going to get a physical redesign as the iphone 6's were fairly identical
  • Battery life may be a tiny bit better than previous models
  • We expect the lowest storage offering will be either 16 GB or even 32 GB.